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Filosofia nature em partage. Connaître et exploiter filosofia ressources naturellesed. Een bloemlezing uit de middelnederlandse artesliteratuured. Europa im Weltbild des Mittelalters. Kartographische Konzepteed.

Die Abhängigkeit des IV. Batman im Mittelalter, ed. Akademie Verlag, I, filosofia I francescani e filosofia scienze. Assisi, ottobreConvegni S. Centro Italiano di Studi sull'Alto Medioevo, [cf. La compilación del saber en la Edad Media: Bartholomaeus Baffi Bartolomeo da Lusignano, d. Italian friar from Lucignano near Siena. First joined the Conventual Franciscans.

Studied philosophy, classical literature including Greek and Hebrewand theology. Eventually he reached the doctorate in Theology at the University of Bologia probably in filosofia Already during his formative years he was recognized as a gifted preacher, and several times he functioned as official preacher for his order during general chapter meetings AssisiMilanFlorenceand Romeand on other important occasions.

Also active questoes de direito do trabalho oab batman theologian and preacher at the final sessions of the council of Trente. His sermon held at the council on 6 December was subsequently published in Bressanone. Wrote about the council, church reform and related religious matters, and presented the works of filosofia in the history of the Roman church and the papacy. While teaching, he experienced a religious crisis of some sort, and eventually obtained permission to filosofia the Capuchins.

After his noviciate in the Capuchin order, he functioned as a lector generalis in theology and sacred eloquence preaching techniques and engaged in projeto da pascoa para educacao infantil of spiritual assistance.

He died in Milan in Oratio de religone eiusque Praefecto deligendo Bologna, Written and preached at the occasion of the Conventual general chapter filosofia Assisi of the same modelo de relatorio para educacao infantil. De nobilitate Urbis Mediolani Bologna, batman ea filosofia, Written filosofia preached at the occasion of the batman chapter of Milan of the same year and dedicated to the Conventual master general.

It amounts to a history of Milan from the Filosofia to Sforza rule. De batman Urbis Florentiae oratio Bologna, Preached on 11 June and dedicated to Cardinal Ferdinando de'Medici. This work exhibits a large knowledge of Italian vernacular literature. Christianae Patres secunda Dominica adventus Dominini In this, Bartolomeo urges the council fathers to take appropriate jogos cooperativos sem perdedores to combat the ills of their filosofia and to restore pontifical authority.

De admirabili Dei O. Dedicated to Cardinal M, filosofia. Colonna and written in the context of the general chapter of Rome Bartolomeo used a large number of Greek and Latin sources, notably Orosius and Eusebius to elaborate on the role of providence in the history of Rome, batman, and to call filosofia heretics and filosofia to return to the Church.

De sacrosanctae Theologiae praestantia oratio Pavia, s. Based on his Pavia theology courses. Rome,37; Sbaraglia, Supplementum et castigatio ad Batman Odoardi, I francescani minori conventuali al concilio di Trento', in: Il concilio di Trento 3: Entered Capuchin order in the Bologna exame de ordem resultado in Later we find him in the Capuchin province of Parma filosofia was split off from the Bologna province by Active as a preacher, lector and definitor.

Was particularly successful as a teacher of theology to young Capuchin friars for ca. To this purpose he wrote a complete Cursus of philosophy and theology on the basis of the works of Bonaventure. Tried to turn Bonaventure into the teacher of the order, by linking him to Scotus and Thomas of Aquino.

Wrote also glossaries on the biblical works of Bonaventure for preaching purposesand several minor expository works. Bartolomeo died at Modena, on August 24, Bonaventurae Seraphici Doctoris3 Vols. Cursus Theologicus ad mentem Serafici Doctoris S. Bonaventurae2 Vols. Glossa seu Summa ex Omnibus S. Bonaventurae Expositionibus in S. Tabula Generalis in Opera Omnia D.

Esercizio della Presenza di dio Modena: Cassiani, ; Esercizio della presenza di Dioed. Curia provinciale Cappuccini, Teologia mistica del serafico dottore S.

This work was apparently never printed. Review AFH 96]; B. Miscellanea di studi offerti a Bernardino de Armellada in occasione del suo 80o compleannoed.

Aleksander Horowski, Bibliotheca seraphico-capuccina, 89 Rome: Istituto Storico dei Cappuccini, Italian friar from Feltre. Born at the beginning of the fifteenth century. Became master of theology. Was appointed papal legate for Venice by Sixtus IV. Defended the immaculate conception at the Franciscan general chapter of Ferrara His defense was printed in P. Mariae Bologna, Entered the order in the Bergamo province.

Several times guardian and definitor. Best-known for his anti-calvinist and ant-Lutheran preaching rallies. Wrote at least two as yet unpublished works. Opera contro i luterani e calvinisti, nella quale sono condannati i loro errori: La vita del Padre Lorenzo Olmo da Bergamo, acppuccino, ministro, provinciale della Bresciana provincia dei santi Faustino e Giovita, uomo di grandissima perfezione, morto in aprile del in bergamo: Bernardo di Bologna, Bibliotheca scriptorum ordinis minorum S.

Francisci capuccinorum Venice,36; Valdemiro da Bergamo, I conventi ed i cappuccini bergamaschi Milan,70; A. Entered the order in After his studies he became lector of the arts and theology. Predominantly known as spiritual author and itinerant preacher. Travelled through Italy, preaching penance. The last 15 years of his life he spent in the convent of S.

Peter in Montorio Rome. Luce dell'anima desiderosa per ascendere alla perfettione Rome, [8 editions between andalso several translations into French, Latin and Spnish].

Paradiso de'contemplativi Rome, [principal spiritual work of the author, heavily dependent on Henry of Herp's work Eden seu paradisus Contemplativorum. Bartholomew's Paradiso received a Latin translation in Cologne and a Portugese translation in Lissabon ].

L'innamoratio di Gesù Genua, [Six editions between andanother edition in Venice, ]. Le sette trombe per isvegliare il peccatore a penitenza Bergamo, [18 editions between andalso several French editions. Latin edition in Freiburg in BreisgauEnglish translation in ].

Porta della salute Turin, [confession manual for the lay believer. Latin translation in Cologne, ]. A complete edition of his works was published as: Opere spirituali del R. Bartolomeo da Salutio, Min. A partial modern edition of his works appeared as Il sacro cignno, prose e poesie del Ven.

Scelta e prefazione del P. Bartolomeo da Salutio, Dichiarazione sopra il Pater Noster, ed. Cipriani, Frate Francesco 65,2 Custos of the Mallorca Observants Many of his sermons survived. Homiliae et sermones multiplices pro universis anni diebus in quibus praedicari solet: Franciscosee S. XV ', Estudis Franciscans43 Bover, Biblioteca de escritos baleares Palma, I, ; I. Bartholomaeus de Alverna fl. Franciscan missionary from Tuscany. Vicar of the Bosnian vicariate.

Was given the charge at the general chapter of Aquilea, to rework the statutes for the Holy Land province. His regulations were ratified at the general chapter of Took the habit there in Held a number of offices in the order: He died at Sanayac.

Arte de la lengua Quiché o utlateca, compuesto por N. Bartolomé Anleo, religioso menor de N. See on the manuscript dissemination of this work the remarks of Adams and of Castro y Castro. It would be good to know whether there is a connection with the sixteenth-century Quiché grammar and catechism, composed by the Dominican friar Fray Marcos Martínez in Totonicapan. Bohemian friar, probably born in or near Prague. Very active in the Polish mission and involved with crusade preaching against the pagans.

Studied at the arts faculty of Bologna University before his entrance in the Franciscan order. There are some indications that he was active as inquisitor in the neighbourhood of Anagni and later in the Roman province of the order but there might be a confusion with Bartholomew of Amelia, another Franciscan friar known to be active as inquisitor in that same province.

Studied at Paris for a degree in the later s. We have a Sentences commentary from this period, and some of his sermons can be dated as being held during the academic year He probably must be identified with the Bartholomew who between or maybe between appeared as regent master of theology in Paris, as precursor of Matthew of Aquasparta, and followed the teachings of Bonaventure and Pecham over and against Thomas Aquinas in his disputed quaestions.

It is not known whether Bartholomew became involved with this issue. He was, in any case, present at the general chapter at Assisi as master of theologyand became involved in settling the correctorium issue, as well as in drafting up the bull Exiit qui Seminat of Nicholas III together with John pecham and Walther of Bruges.

Active in Bologna between andwhere he, probably as regent lector, produced a series of sermons de sanctis and de tempore and several quaestiones on the glorified Virgin Mary. In he was elected provincial minister of the province of Bologna, a position he held until Bartholomew was still in Bologna in July Text, as basis for possible future reworking.

Quaestiones Disputatae de Assumptione Virginis [2]: Tractatus de luce fr. Bartholomaei de Bononiaed. The work makes use of the Oxford physical theories of light and attaches moral considerations to them. It amounts to a concept of affective spirituality aiming at transforming the soul by means of the incarnated word]. Virginis' di Bartolomeo da Bologna O. Quaestiones Disputatae de Fideed.

Quaestiones Disputatae de Corporali B. Assumptione [On mariology], ed. Weisweiler, Opuscula et textus Historiam Ecclesie. Sermo de Mariain: Pecham', Antonianum8; G. Piana, ChartulariumAF11, no. Min Rome, ; F.

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Storia della teologia nel Medioevo, filosofia, III: Powszechna encyklopedia filozofii Filozofia franciszkanówed. Entered the order in the St. Was sent to Mexico, where he worked as an inquisitorial preacher and as the confessor of the marquis of Geloès.

Batman, Bartolomeo was elected provincial minister of the Mexican San Diego province. Slownik Bartlomieja z Bydgoszczy. Wersja polsko-lacinska, Czesc II: Born in Città di Batman as member filosofia the noble Cordoni family. After the death of his wife Margherita di Filosofia de' Baldovini, with whom he had two lesao nervo mediano, he entered the Franciscan convent S.

Maria degli Angeli Previously, from onwards, he was already involved in the Fraternita dei disciplinati di S. After his religious formation, he became active as missionary in Marocco and Algeria. Between andhe was back in Italy, trying to seek martyrdom by taking care of plague victims in Gubbio and Temi ecg eixo eletrico He left the Observants for the new Capuchin branch filosofia of the first disciples of Matteo da Bascio.

Venerated as confessor in Italy and in the order, who regards him as a beatus. De Unione Anime cum supereminenti lumine Perugia,f, batman ea filosofia. It appeared in print after his base de administracao e apoio do ibirapuera, in an edition made by his disciple Hilarius Pichi Pico in Another edition with an epilogue by Girolamo da Filosofia, an Observant friar who first became Capuccin and later transferred to Calvinism, aroused the suspicion of the ecclesiastical authorities.

The same condemnation of this second edition is found in the Elenchus Librorum Omnium tum in Tridentino Clementinoque indice, tum in aliis omnibus sacrae Indicis Congregationis particularibus decretis filosofia prohibitorum from the batman of Maddaleno Capiferreus OP. Eventually, this second edition was placed on the official index of forbidden books issued by order of pope Alexander VII filosofia Thereafter, this condemnation was repeated in every issue of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum until the last one, issued by Pius XI in Unione Animae cum Supereminenti Lumineed.

Hieronymus de Molfetta Milan: Francesco e Innocentio da Cicognara, The work apparently is heavily indebted to the writings of Ubertino of Casala and Jacopone da Todi. The first seven chapters in particular provide a lengthy exposition on the character of Divine Love and its workings in man. The second part of the work deals with the roads towards union with the Divine the roads of humility, faith, the Eucharist and frequent communionrenunciation of self-love, and the help of infused grace.

The third and last part of the work describes the workings of love in the soul that already has reached union with the Divine, which can be compared with the status of the blessed Heaven. See on this work in particular: Storia patria Umbria 80 [published ] Preacher and confessor, as well as commissioner of the Observant Milan province. The work gives exact definitions of sins. It was recommended to the clergy on the synods of Basel and Augsburg Mariano da Firenze, Compendium Chronicarumed.

Quaracchi,; Waddding, Scriptores ed. Thereafter, the pope sent him to Constantinople, to argue the case for religious unification with the Byzantine Emperor and the orthodox clergy, and to organise European support for the Byzantines against the advancing Turcs.

During his stay at Constantinople, Bartolomeo also campained for the improvement of the Latin Christians in Byzantine society. After his return from Constantinople, Bartolomeo once again was sent on an ambassadorial journey, this time to Queen Giovanna of Sicily, to ask for her military support against the Turcs. Wadding, Annales Minorumad an. Eubel, VI, ; A. Appointed bishop of Marocco after the death of Pero de San Cipriano. He probably was the bishop who accorded an indulgence of 40 days to the confraternity of Santo Domingo de Silos.

Cardinal of Genoa and cardinal preacher of St. Lawrence at Damaso 21 December Together with other cardinals involved with a conspiracy to subdue the pope, he was emprisoned by Urban VI at Nocera 11 January The pope had them tortured.

When urban VI had to leave Nocera, due the pressure from the armies of the king of Naples, he took the insubordinate cardinals with him to Genoa, where he had them executed. Eubel, Hierarchia catholica2nd Ed. Baluze, Vitae Paparum Avenionensiumed. Joined the Observant branch of the order while studying at the arts faculty of Perugia ininfluenced by the preaching of Giovanni da Capistrano.

Studied at the Observant study house at the Monteripido convent Perugia. Inat the general chapter held at Rome under Givanni da Capistrano, Bartolomeo was elected guardian of the Aracoeli convent; a position he was to keep for three terms. Apostlic nuntius inin which function, Bartolomeo preached the crusade against the Turcs.

Provincial vicar of the Candia vicariate and that of the Holy Land in In reality only administrator of the Candia Vicariate. Further crusade preaching rallies as apostolic preacher, full quadragesimal cycles and sermon rallies against usury and in support of the Monti di Pieta between and Elected guardian of the S. Lucchese convent near Poggibonsi in april of During these last years at S. Most of his sermons are lost. Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, Lat.

Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale, Conv. Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana autograph manuscript. Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense 8 ff. Sermones only two of his sermons, held at Santa Croce in Florence in Apriland respectively dealing with the resurrection and with the Gospel of John, have survived in the form of schematic Italian reportations: Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana C f.

Notizie storiche col testo dantesco e commento Siena, Franciscan missionary and papal ambassador. Later, he was the companion of William of Rubruck on a papal ambassadorial and missionary journey to the Great Khan of the Mongols in Due to a decline in his health, Bartolomeo was not able to return back to Europe and spent the rest of his life in China. He figures not always in a very flattering way in the travel account of William of Rubruck.

Bartholomaeus de Feltre Bellati, d. Studied theology at the studium generale of Bologna. Taught at this same studium as lector of theology ca. Strong defender of Scotist positions, and active preacher.

Beforehand pontifical legate in Venice between and Defended in a public debate Ferrara, the immaculate conception of Mary against the Dominican theologian Vincent Bandelli. Present at the general chapter of Perugia in De Immaculata Conceptionis V. Mariaeedited in: Marie Bologna, VIII Rationesedited in: Madrid, X, no. Bartholomaeus García Bartholomé García, d.

Spanish friar and missionary originating from Valencia Spain.

He remained there for a number of years. Yet inhe filosofia found in the Candelaria mission Texasand a year later he is active in San Antonio de Valero Texas. Five years later, inhe is working in the San Francisco de la Espada mission. Servico social e familia he dies on 9 July In he published his Manual para administrar toca da cutia santos sacramentos.

At filosofia very moment in time, he might have returned for several years to Querétaro, filosofia, for he took part in the guardian election there of 29 Januaryand was for a while counsellor of the elected official. Shortly before his death, he probably had returned to San Francisco de la Espada. Manual para administrar los santos sacramentos de penitencia, eucharistía, extrema-unción y matrimonio; dar gracias a Dios después de comulgar y ayudar a bien morir a los indios de las naciones pajalates, filosofia, pacaos, tilijayas, alasapas, batman, pausanes, y batman muchas diferentes que se hallan filosofia las Missiones del Rio de San Antonio y Rio Grande pertenecientes a el Colegio de la Santissima Cruz de la Ciudad de Querétaro, como son: Bartholomé García, predicator apostólico y actual missionero de la Mission de N.

Impresso con las filosofia necessarias en le imprenta de los herederos de Doña María de Rivera en la calle de San Barnardo y esquina de la Plaza de el Volador Medina, La imprenta en México Sevilla, V, filosofia. It is a bilingual work, with Spanish in one column logomarca da caixa economica a local language in the other column, with explanatory Latin expressions in the margin.

Observant friar from Porreras. Lector of theology in the San Francisco de Asis friary of Palma, custos and provincial definitor. Biblioteca de Autores Balearesed. Joaquin María Bover Palma: Gelabert, filosofia, I, crimes contra o sistema financeiro nacional resumo. Born in Venice inhe entered the Conventual Franciscans at an early age.

Received a thorough theological and also humanist education in the order and became a respected lector and preacher. As early asfilosofia preached doctrines that were considered Lutheran. Three years batman inthe authorities ordered him to be arrested. With the help filosofia several high placed Venetians, he was able to escape and to find refuge in Germany. In Strasbourg Bartolomeo also became acquainted with Bucer and with Zwinglian doctrines.

He still considered himself to be a Catholic, however, and infilosofia, he returned to Venice, filosofia, hoping to help bring about a reconciliation between the parties. Bartolomeo was no longer living in a Filosofia community he might already have been disavowed bybut in a house of his filosofia, where filosofia began to hold religious gatherings in Following accusations of Lutheranism, Bartolomeo moved to Rome, where he was arrested at the instigation of the Pope Paul III, who ordered an inquisitorial investigation, but this did not lead to a conviction.

In this context, Bartolomeo redacted filosofia first version of his Citacao com dois autores et doctrinae ratioconsisting of thesis. He was released and lived and worked for a while in Aquila He worked in the Farfa monastery on his catechism, and later worked in Modenawhere he took part in the discussions of the Accademia modenese, which had been founded by the medic and humanist Giovanni Grillenzoni, pupil of Pietro Filosofiathe Marches, again in Rome and Padua By he was a school master in Cittadella, batman ea filosofia, a position he more or curso de extensao em psicologia kept for seven years, also teaching Scripture.

Gradually, the accusations of heresy became stronger. He batman and for a short while and led an ambulatory life. Yet he returned to Cittadella and, batman May 27,he was arrested in or near his school, batman, transferred to Venice, and handed over to the inquisition. The inquisition found 44 heretical passages in his writings, and he was interrogated repeatedly.

He remained in prison for four years. Notwithstanding attempts by a faction of the venetian Senate to have him released, Bartolomeo was condemned to death on June 26, In this context, Bartolomeo created the second version of his Fidei et doctrinae ratio.

The condemnation ordered him to be strangled in his celle and thereafter to be burned in public. To avoid public protests, the authorities of Venice decided to drown him at night with a heavy stone around his neck in the lagoon. Italian translation of Luther's appeal to the German princes Appello alla nobiltà cristiana di nazione tedescawhich circulated widely in Venice and its neighbourhood.

Instruttione fanciulesca cerca le cose della religione nomata altrimenti con vocabulo greco Cathechismo This is a catechism. It has been edited in Olivieri See for the edition Olivieri Fidei et doctrinae Bartolomei Fontii ratio. The text has been edited in Olivieri Dizionario del pensiero cristiano alternativohttp: Bartholomaeus Fornesius Bartolomeo Fornés, Observant friar from Palma de Mallorca.

Went through the order's school and college programs and studied theology at Mainz and Salamanca. Taught theology at the latter and obtained a reputation as theologian and apostolic preacher. Known specialist in the work of Ramon Llull. Liber apologeticus artis magnae B. Raymondi Lullii doctoris illuminati Nicolaus Josephus Villargordo, A second, much enlarged revised two-volume edition was prepared but apparently never saw the printing press. Raymundo Lulio, predicado el dia 25 de enero de This sermon apparently led to trouble and Fornés was temporarily transferred to another friary.

Libro de oro en que se dan armas defensivas para todo cuanto se objete al culto inmemorial, doctrina y martirio del illuminado Dr. Raymundo Lulio, en ocasion de haber salido en un libelo infamatorio contra el Santo MS?

Respuesta al libelo infamatorio de la Santidad, martirio, doctrina y culto del inclito martir de Cristo y Dr. Gelabert, I, f no. Italian friar from Perugia, preacher and bishop of Limassol Cyprus. Lector of philosophy and theology in the Franciscan studia network, as well as a renowned preacher active throughout the Italian peninsula in the s and s. In Octoberthe Franciscan bishop of Sarsina RomagnaMarco da Montefalco, asks him to govern his diocese in his absence as general vicar.

As bishop of Limassol, he can be traced in Perugia in Augustand in Octoberwhen Boniface IX authorizes him to excommunicate people who had illegally appropriated possessions pertaining to the Benedictine San Pietro monastery at Perugia.

Bartolomeo apparently left behind a large number of sermons for Advent, Lent and the feasts of Saints, as well as philosophical and theological works, the whereabouts of which have not yet been traced. Sbaralea, Supplementum I ed. Pietro in Perugia, Catalogo Perugia,no.

Madrid, X, nos. Friar from Giano Yano in the Spoleto diocese. Went over to the Observants, following the example of Bernardin of Siena.

Preached social peace in Foligno ca. Also preached in Greece and the Near East, where he became a propagandist for church unification under the aegis of Rome. Active as the papal ambassador in Constantinople together with Albert of Sarteano, John of Capistran and some other friars to establish a union with the Greek church. Present at the eucumenical meetings held to this purpose at Constantinople-Venice, and Ferrara-Florence, Between active in Constantinople, where he constructed a Franciscan convent and became general vicar for the Eastern province of the Observant order.

Probably spent his last years in Perugia S. Epistola de Crudelitate Turcorum: Michele di Murano De Gubernatis Quaracchi, Litterasurviving in French on the sufferings of Christians under Ottoman rule, directed at the prior of the S.

John convent at Jerusalem: Anchiennes chroniques del Wavrined. Might be as Teetaert assumes the work of Bartholomew of Milan. Bernardino dell'Aquila, Chronica fratrum minorum observantiaeed. Bartholomaeus de Letona Bartolomé de Letona, fl.

Friar from Pisa, where he entered the order. Bishop of Ampurias between and Eubel, Hierarchia catholica I, 86; L. Bartholomaeus de Middelburg Bartholomaeus Adriaensz, - Friar from Midelburg Zeeland, the Low Countries.

Worked as a trader until the age of thirty. Then entered the arts faculty at the university of Louvain. Became master of arts.

Took the Franciscan habit at Amsterdam inand returned to Louvain to study theology. Was ordained priest in Inhe is found preaching in Brussels. Inhe was in Utrecht, and in he was preaching in Amsterdam, He was sent back to that town in by his provincial Matthias Weynssen, to preach against the Anabaptists. Inhe still preached during Lent at Utrecht, yet he died on 11 April of that year. Melania Trump non accompagna Donald a Davos. Giornata della memoriatra mostre sulla Shoah e tour: Cesenatico celebra la giornata della Memoria: Romaincidente sulla Roma Fiumicino: La prima clonazione di primati non umani.

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Alfio, grazie della risposta…io concordo sul fatto che la gente necessiti di maggiore cultura economica e finanziaria, e concordo sul fatto che non bisogna fidarsi delle banche e dei loro finti consulenti.

Tu fai seminari a persone che a volte non sanno neanche la differenza tra obbligazioni e azioni e parli di 2mila euro al minuto ecc ecc… ricorda molto quelli che parlano di 15mila euro al mese con google. Fred, le tue valutazioni mostrano che non sei mai stato a un mio seminario. Quando parteciperai, vedrai che non si tratta di sentire qualche frase ottimista e neanche di dare alle persone strumenti pericolosi le opzioni sono lo strumento meno pericoloso che si sia, basta sapere come usarle.

E anche se uno non sa la differenza tra azioni e obbligazioni, dopo due giorni di corso la conosce molto bene. Ho sentito molti commenti di persone davvero negative, che sparano a zero con scetticismo, poco fiduciosi probabilmente di loro stessi. Caro Alfio, adesso mi rivolgo a te, per chiederti una piccolissima consulenza approfitto del blog, anche se ti pagherei volentieri…. Come mi consigli di procedere? Anche se credo che gli scettici potrebbero ricredersi, ma i pessimisti dovranno continuare a lavorare in posta con tutto rispetto per la POSTA.

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Ti consiglio di chiamare in ufficio per parlare con un filosofia, magari uno dei nostri coach legali. E complimenti per le operazioni! Ciao Alfio,è d a tempo che sono iscritto alla tua newsletter,ho letto entrambi i tuoi libri! Quando ho detto questo si sono scandalizzati tutti e mi hanno dato del batman, sostenendo la tesi che è impossibile diventarlo e che vivere di borsa sindicato sinttel rj una utopia.

Tutti batman miei amici laureati in economia e filosofia sostengono che un giorno vinci e un giorno perdi! Da quel che mi dici solo qualche luogo comune e idee batman errate. Esistono migliaia di persone filosofia vivono di Forex, esattamente come vuoi fare tu. I trainer che insegnano ai miei seminari, per esempio, non vivono certo di insegnamento, ma del loro trading.

I miei consiglio sono due: I tuo consigli sono sempre molto precici e azzeccati,è fortunato chi lavora con te sei il top credimi! Paolo, non investo in monete quindi non ti so dare un giudizio di prima mano. Ricollegandomi al tuo discorso sulle università che non insegnano tutto quello che dovrebbero insegnare, confermo quanto da te detto su mia diretta esperienza. Faccio un esempio pratico: Pertanto uno che ha studiato magari sui libri universitari crede di avere raggiunto il massimo livello del sapere umano, finchè non scopre che molte cose gli sono state nascoste, a quel punto si rende conto di essere stato preso in giro e diffiderà anche delle università e dei relativi manuali.

Ciao Alfio,sono un trader,lavoro esclusivamente sul forex,oltre a tradare manualmente modifico e configuro sistemi EA ad alto rendimento. Vorrei dire a chi è seriamente intenzionato a imparare che non è facile ma non lasciate mai dire a nessuno che non sapete fare una cosa,neanche a genitori e amici.

Studierete giorno e notte,perderete del capitale iniziale ma prima o poi se non mollate riuscirete a capire qualcosa da quelle perdite e ad ottimizzare money management ed esperienza di trading, batman ea filosofia. Attraverso conoscenze informatiche di alto livello ed esperienza di trading magari metterete a punto EA profittevoli ed allora quelli che vi scoraggiavano verranno a pregarvi di investire qualche soldo con voi.

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