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The ship or wharf rat has contributed to the extinction of many species of wildlife including birds, small mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants, artigo on islands. True rats cdc omnivorous and capable of eating a wide range of plant and animal foods.

True cdc have a very high birth rate. When introduced to a new area, artigo 53 cdc, they anotacao de enfermagem pronta reproduce to take advantage of the artigo food supply. In particular, they prey on the eggs and young of forest birds, which on isolated islands often have no other predators and thus have no fear of predators.

Thus man has indirectly caused the extinction of many species by accidentally introducing rats to new areas. Rats are found in nearly all areas of Earth which are inhabited by human beings. The only rat-free continent is Antarctica, which is too cold for rat survival outdoors, and its lack of human habitation does not provide buildings to shelter them from the weather. However, rats have been introduced to many of the islands near Antarctica, and because of their destructive effect on native flora and fauna, efforts to eradicate them are ongoing.

In particular, Bird Island just off rat-infested South Georgia Islandwhere breeding seabirds could be badly affected if rats were introduced, is subject to special measures and regularly monitored for rat invasions.

As cdc of island restoration some islands' rat populations have been eradicated to protect or restore the ecology. Breaksea Island in New Zealand was declared rat free in after an eradication campaign based on a successful trial on the smaller Hawea Island nearby, artigo 53 cdc.

In January an international "Rat Team" set faculdade de medicina privada from artigo Falkland Islands for the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on board a ship carrying three helicopters and tons of rat poison with the objective of "reclaiming the island for its seabirds".

The South Georgia Heritage Trust, which organized the mission describes it as "five times larger than any other rodent eradication attempted worldwide". The Canadian province of Alberta population 4. It has large numbers of native pack ratsalso called bushy-tailed wood ratsbut they are forest-dwelling vegetarians which are much less destructive than true rats.

Alberta was settled relatively late in North American history and only became a province in Black rats cannot survive in its climate at all, and brown rats must live near people and in their structures to survive the winters. There are numerous predators in Canada's vast natural areas which will eat non-native rats, so it took until for invading rats to make their way over land from Eastern Canada.

Shotguns, bulldozers, high explosives, poison gas, and incendiaries were used to destroy rats.

Numerous farm buildings were destroyed in the process. Initially, tons of arsenic trioxide were spread around thousands of farm yards to poison rats, but soon after the program commenced the rodenticide and medical drug warfarin was introduced, which is much safer for cdc and more effective at killing cdc than arsenic. Forceful government control measures, strong public support and enthusiastic citizen participation continue to keep rat infestations to a minimum, artigo.

Alberta faculdade ead administracao employs an armed rat patrol to control rats along Alberta's borders. About ten single rats are found and killed per year, and occasionally a large localized infestation has to be dug out with heavy machinery, but the number of permanent rat infestations is zero.

The genus Rattus is a member of the giant subfamily Murinae. Several other murine genera are sometimes considered part of Rattus: The genus Rattus proper contains 64 extant species. A subgeneric breakdown of the species has been proposed, but does not include all species.

The following phylogeny of selected Rattus species is from Pagès, et al. Ancient Romans did not generally differentiate between rats and mice, instead referring to the former as mus maximus big mouse and the latter as mus minimus little mouse.

On the Isle of Manthere is a taboo against the word " rat ". The rat sometimes referred to as a mouse is the first of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac.

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People born in this year are expected to possess qualities associated with rats, including creativity, intelligence, honesty, cdc, generosity, ambition, a quick temper and wastefulness.

People born in a year of the rat are said to get along well artigo "monkeys" and "dragons", and cdc get along poorly with "horses". Rito sumarissimo cpc Indian tradition, rats cnes mj sistema de prestacao de contas anual seen as the vehicle of Ganeshaand a rat's statue is always found in a temple of Ganesh.

In the regras do voleibol resumidas Indian city of Deshnokethe rats at the Karni Mata Temple are held to be destined for reincarnation as Sadhus Hindu holy cdc.

The attending priests feed cdc and grain to the rats, of which the pilgrims also partake. European associations with the rat are generally negative. These associations do not draw, artigo sefrom any biological or behavioral trait of the rat, but possibly from the association of rats and fleas with the 14th-century medieval plague called the Black Death.

Rats are seen as vicious, artigo, unclean, parasitic animals that steal food and spread disease. However, some people in European cultures keep rats as pets and conversely find them to be tame, clean, intelligent, and playful. Rats are often used in scientific experiments ; animal rights activists allege the treatment of rats in this context is cruel.

The term "lab rat" is used, typically in a self-effacing manner, to describe a person whose job function requires them to spend a majority of their work time engaged in bench-level research such as postgraduate students in the sciences, cdc. Rats are frequently cdc for damaging food supplies and other goods, or spreading disease. Their reputation has carried into common parlance: It is a term noun and verb in criminal slang for an informant — artigo rat on someone" is to betray them by informing the authorities of a crime or misdeed they committed.

Describing a cdc as "rat-like" usually implies he or she is unattractive and suspicious. Among trade unionsthe word "rat" is also a term for nonunion employers or breakers of union contracts, and this is why unions use inflatable rats. Depictions of rats in fiction are historically inaccurate and negative. The most common falsehood is the squeaking almost always heard in otherwise realistic portrayals i. While the recordings may be of actual squeaking rats, the noise is uncommon — they may do so only if distressed, hurt, or annoyed.

Normal vocalizations are very high-pitched, well outside the range of human hearing. Rats are also often cast in vicious and aggressive roles when in fact, their shyness helps keep them undiscovered for so long in an infested home. The actual portrayals of rats vary from negative to positive with a majority in the negative and ambiguous. They have often been used as a mechanism in horror; being the titular evil in stories like The Rats or H.

Selfish helpfulness —those willing to help for a price— has also been attributed to fictional rats. White's Charlotte's Webrepeatedly reminds the other characters that he is only involved because it means more food for him, and the cellar-rat of John Masefield's The Midnight Folk requires bribery to be of any assistance. By contrast, the rats appearing in the Doctor Dolittle books tend to be highly positive and likeable characters, many of whom tell their remarkable life stories in the Mouse and Rat Club established by the animal-loving doctor.

Some fictional works use rats as the main characters. Notable examples include the society created by O'Brien's Mrs. Pixar 's animated film Ratatouille is about a rat described by Roger Ebert as "earnest Mon oncle d'Amérique " My American Uncle "a French filmillustrates Henri Laborit 's theories on evolutionary psychology and human behaviors by using short sequences in the storyline showing lab rat experiments.

In Harry Turtledove 's science fiction novel Homeward Boundhumans unintentionally introduce rats to the ecology at the home world of an alien race which previously invaded Earth and introduced some of its own fauna into its environment. Bertram Chandler pitted his space-bound protagonist, Commodore Grimes, against giant, intelligent rats who took over several stellar systems and enslaved their human inhabitants.

One of the oldest and most historic stories about rats is "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", in which a rat-catcher leads away an infestation with enchanted music. The piper is later refused payment, so he in turn leads away the town's children. This tale, traced to Germany around the late 13th century, has inspired adaptations in film, theatre, literature, and even opera. The subject of much research, some theories have intertwined the tale with events related to the Black Plaguein which black rats played an important role.

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